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I was excited.

Okay, I'm still like a little girl in some ways, not the least of which being for the first snowfall of the season. I was so excited that I literally bounded out of bed after seeing the odd sort of half-light through the curtains, the first sign that it was officially winter. Sure enough when I drew back the curtains, a thin but fluffy blanket frosted the earth and all it could manage, building up on the tops of vehicles and flora alike.

I squealed like a little girl, blushing at the deep-throated chuckle from behind me. Large arms encircled my waist and soft, warm lips were pressed into my messy hair as Chris came over to see what was so exciting.

"It snowed!"

"Yes, I smell and see that. Heard it too." Mirth colored his tone, and I couldn't help but turn in his arms to look up to my mate and husband with an arched brow.

"What do you mean that you heard and smelled it? Was it the temperature drop that you sniffed?" Another deep, booming belly laugh that reverberated through the room.

"No, not the temperature drop. Snow has a smell, and I knew it was going to leave us a fair bit overnight. Every snowflake makes a sound when it drifts to the earth and settles. Some describe it as a tinkling sound, others as the soft, nearly crunchy sound depending on how hard or soft the flakes themselves are. So I could hear it, and fell asleep listening to it and you as you dozed off." A smile curved his full lips, midnight blue eyes warm as he looked to me.

"Oh… I knew snow had a smell… but I didn't realize that your hearing was that good… I mean, sure, you hear a flea sneeze two miles away, but umm… well…" I trailed off, realizing that I was both rambling and I had a nasty case of morning breath. Seriously. Tasted like I'd been chewing on road apples all night instead of sleeping in my giant's arms.

His infectious belly laughter filled the room once more. Shaking me with it, as he found great amusement in my early morning confusion. Evidently my brain does not use all synapses just after waking up… A massive yawn wracked his frame as he stretched a bit, before we both headed to the kitchen for something to eat.

Soon enough tea was ready and in mugs, a light breakfast of fruit and toast with honey cream. That was another thing that I loved about my big guy; he ate extremely healthy, but the foods he introduced me to were fantastic and not at all disgusting like most "healthy things" usually are. For instance, he had made a vegetable soup the previous night that had nearly everything we could think of in it and it tasted amazing…

My man can cook. That's for damn sure.


Early morning distractions…

Breakfast was delicious as usual, and we both decided to lounge around the house for the day, as it was a rare treat that neither of us had to work. Fifteen minutes' work saw a slow-cooking stew in the crock pot for dinner, as well as dough for homemade rolls to go with it. Another ten minutes saw a basic raspberry tart in the oven to have for dessert. There was only one load of laundry to be done, and a handful of dishes before the rest of the day was completely ours.

"What do you want to do?" He smiled broadly, evidently still feeling my excitement.

I thought about it for a moment or two before looking up to him. "Want to make a snowman with me?" Chewing on my lip as I waited for his response.

A soft chuckle and a nod.

"What? I like to make snowmen. What's wrong with that?"

"Absolutely nothing, my love. Let's get you dressed for it. I'm warm enough, but you decidedly are not."

It was true… I had learned that Chris could wander around in nothing but boxers in the middle of a blizzard and not get frostbite. Not even chilled toes. Apparently Giants have hot enough body temperatures that only spike when exposed to less than hospitable conditions.

I have seen him and Ian both go out in shorts and tank tops and flop in the snow.

Bare feet.

Watched steam rise from the melting snow bank in the backyard too.

Making a snowman is easy… but making a very large snowman is even better when there is a Giant around to insists that it's not tall enough, so he makes the snowman taller than you are… I laughed as I looked at the seven foot snowman with sticks for arms and a nose, rocks salvaged from the small bits of exposed ground as eyes, and strings of long moss for a scarf. Chris chuckled as I got him to boost me up so I could put on the finishing touch…

"Mustachio Snowman! Winter is officially here now."

He just shook his head and laughed, taking a picture of it on the camera to prove to Ian that mustaches on snowmen were indeed fashionable… It was a debate they'd had going on for years now, and Ian was completely against the irregular addition to the iconic winter figures. Mira was on the fence, not wanting to really get involved in the debate, and I was deemed a maverick by Mr. Roseson, as I dove into it head first and sided with Chris after much thought on the matter.

"I think he looks rather dignified with a mustache."

"Indeed he does. Ian shall be shocked and finally concede, as we now have photographic evidence to prove that mustaches DO belong with the more fashion-conscious snowman." I couldn't help but giggle as Chris pretended to brush his shoulders off, nose in the air, and snub the entire concept as he turned to walk into the house again.

By the time I followed him a couple of minutes later, it was safe to say that I was soaked and shivering. After all, I had wrestled with him a bit, made a snowman, thrown balls of the cold stuff at him, and dove for cover more than once when he decided to pelt me back. The house felt like a furnace at first, but it was a welcome warmth.

Even more wonderful was the large, muscular body that sat next to me and offered a mug of hot apple cider to defrost my insides.

"Thank you."

A soft kiss to my frozen temple and a murmured "welcome" gave me a slight shiver.

Hours later found us full of dinner and dessert, Chris lounging on the couch as I lay nearly on top of him under a blanket. There was a fire in the hearth and an old movie on the television as we enjoyed the evening. The massive heart beating under me added a soft rhythm, my world moving steadily up and down in a comforting motion as the wind picked up outside.  

Another hour later found us in bed, warm and sleepy; I snuggled to his broad torso, enjoying the heat of his body and the comfort of his rich scent. The last thing I heard was his heart and his lungs working steadily, and a few words that caused an excited giggle as I drifted off.

"Amy… It's snowing again, my love."
A rather chilly, yet warm and fluffy piece that was sprung onto me...

All characters belong to me, Shadowknife7.
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