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There was never a doubt in my mind that Chris would make an amazing and very attentive father. No, I was worried about what kind of a mom I would be; would I be the neurotic screamer that panics at the drop of a hat, or the nearly lifeless, exhausted stay-at-home mom with too many kids and no time for me? I really had no idea.

Of course I had never really had to entertain the idea of becoming a mother until I met my mate and husband. You see, I had been in a very, very bad accident which resulted in needing emergency surgery to save my life. The consequences of which were the removal of my uterus, one of my fallopian tubes, and one of my ovaries, so it was never expected that I would have children unless I chose to adopt one day.

Then I met Chris…

Chris was a male Giant and very open with me about it from the first time we met in the woods, not hiding one of his “smaller” sizes from me at all. I knew literally nothing about Giants, aside from some of the fairy tales that I remembered reading in my childhood, and browsing an art website that had fictional stories about them. I’d read a lot of Greek Mythology, but I never thought that perhaps they were real at all. I’d written off the “discoveries” of “giant bones” as nothing more than tabloid fodder.

Yet there before my eyes stood a large as life male Giant who had just saved me from being cat food…

Mind. Blown.

Only a week after I met Chris we started to date… It turned out that not only was he a Giant, but he was more than capable of size changing to a human stature. I learned more about his culture, people, traditions, and lifestyle than I ever knew could possibly exist. Looking back now, I realize just how ignorant people really were regarding their existence… How could a whole world not know? I learned that Chris was not the only one of his race in my area; several of my neighbors and good friends were Giants and Dragons! Dragons really did exist! The more time I spent with Chris, the more my eyes opened to the quieter subculture that was all around me.

Needless to say I fell in love with my gentle Giant, every aspect of him.

It was one of the hardest days of my life when I had to tell the man I’d fallen in love with that even though we wanted to spend our lives together, I could not give him the children he wanted to raise with me. I wasn’t certain what hurt me more… The idea of not being able to give him babies, or the thought that he might leave me because of it.

It shocked me that Chris wanted to stay with me, despite my inability to give him children. What blew my mind completely was the fact that Chris himself was able to conceive, bear, birth, and nurse babes…  Turns out that male Giants were the primary caregivers in their society and no strangers to childbirth at all. Once I got over my shock, I couldn’t help but be rather excited at the fact that we COULD continue on in our relationship as we wanted to.

Chris still chuckles at me for that.

During his pregnancy for our first child, I was a nervous wreck at any given time. Chris seemed to be an isle of serenity after three months of morning sickness finally finished, a fact we were both grateful for. I’d never seen my gorgeous husband so crabby in all of my life as when he lost his breakfast every day. Miraculously there were no further complications, our son was carried to full term and born healthy and of good appetite.

I was still a nervous wreck, and it wasn’t showing any signs of abating despite Chris reassuring me that we were doing things right. Our little Nick was growing up healthy and strong, learning more every day. It helped that his Onaiya was a totally solid rock and support for both of us to understand the steep learning curve of parent and child. Both of our families had meshed together to help us raise our little boy, and advice was never more than a quick phone call away.

Shortly after Nick had his seventh birthday, we had some more significant news; Chris was pregnant for a second time. Both of us were equally nervous and excited for our second baby, and Nick was rather ecstatic to get a sibling. Poor little guy worried for his Onaiya every day, it only increasing the bigger Chris’ belly grew over those nine months.

Worry was soothed with lots of cuddles and play time, of course. Chris was more than happy to be open with our son about what was going on, and why on earth his belly was bigger than a basketball. Nick worried daily that his belly was going to pop if he moved the wrong way…

I was surprised that getting a little sister did not disappoint Nick, as most little boys that I knew growing up only wanted little brothers. Not our son, he was happy with his little sister more so than if we’d offered him a puppy.

Chris was just happy to have a baby; he didn’t care what the sex was.

Another clear-cut case of a Daddy.


Stretching my muscles out slowly, I couldn’t help but smile as I walked up the stairs to go see what my daughter was giggling about in the playroom. Whatever it was, she was more than happy and the bright sounds of my five year old and the deep honey and silk baritone of my husband made me curious. Walking down the hall and peeking around the door frame, I couldn’t help but stare a bit and giggle to myself.

Amber was sitting at one of the little play tables with a plastic princess crown and a fluffy green feather boa over her shoulders as she poured cooled tea into a little pair of tea cups on saucers. At the opposite side of it on the floor next to a kiddy chair  with a teddy bear in his lap sat my huge, 6’6” husband with a pink feather boa over his shoulders, a little plastic princess crown nestled into his deep brown hair, and some little necklaces as “bracelets” on his bare arms. He took a sip of his cooled tea daintily, baby finger in the air after they clinked their glasses together in a toast. I smiled more, giggling inwardly as I melted at the sight of them having a full tea party with stuffed animals, tea, and even a few snacks.

There had never been a doubt in my mind that Chris was a real Daddy.
In which we see loads of fluff, Chris and Amy being parents, babes being babes, and a bunch more fluff.

All chars belong to me, Shadowknife7
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Nothing I Can Do About It

Most people that look at us don’t realize that not only are we siblings, but we’re twins.

Yes, twins. He’s everything that I really am not…




Amazing with both genders.

I’m short, awkward, I have too much junk in my trunk and far, far too much in the chest department. I have plain blue eyes, not nearly the exotic dragon green that my brother has. So yes, I’m totally jealous of him; he’s beyond charismatic and can sweet talk pretty much anybody into absolutely ANYTHING.

It’s sad when your brother can bat his eyelashes better than the average lady and not think twice about doing so to get his way in an argument.

Jealous much?


Exceedingly so.

During our growing years, it was less than easy for us to attend the Human’s educational programs. Our governments were on rocky terms at best, and with the controversy of Human laboratories taking Giants and Dragons in for experimental studies… Tensions were high. We barely managed to get approved for attending high school, and were almost dropped from the school when there was a flare up about policies regarding the safety of Humans among size-changing Giants were being fought. Throughout all of the controversies, abductions, and politicians hoping to curry favor from the fickle masses, I had dreams of going to school after we finished high school.

I wanted to be a mechanical engineer.

Yes, that’s right. A female that wants to be a mechanical engineer.

I had already been turned down from the courses in my high school due to both my gender and my race. That did not stop me from applying to courses the summer we graduated and trying to at least get a volunteer position at a local shop to learn more from people working in the field. Sadly, no matter how many places I tried to get some help people just refused to take a female seriously. Most of the major colleges and universities were not opening positions to Giants or Dragons, and even fewer were accepting females into any sort of courses except the Arts.

I…was forced to settle.

It was some sort of degree in the Arts or nothing at all for me, despite my best efforts. I majored in Design and Décor, and minored in Photography. I had the highest marks in my classes and graduated with full honors despite being an unwanted member of an unwanted race in my school.

My brother on the other hand went through law school, completed his licenses, and began practicing immediately.

That’s another reason I love and hate him; he managed to break through one of the more prestigious floodgates and attended a school that had a very strict No Giants policy. Not only did he attend, he graduated with top marks, honors, and had a full time position within a firm that started two days after he actually got his diploma.

Meanwhile I was sitting in my shitty little studio designing décor themes for a rich and stuck up couple that only chose me because I was “exotic” to them. And by studio, I mean one of those eight feet by ten baby barns one can purchase from a hardware store. I made certain to never meet a client anywhere but their own homes or a park, somewhere that they would never ask to see my work studio. As time went on and I established a healthy client base and network, I upgraded my studio… Just bought a few more baby barns and joined them together to make a bigger barn to suit my needs. I honestly could not afford to rent an actual office in the city, as Giants paid a premium in case of damage and I simply did not make enough steadily to afford that bill.

They day my brother knocked on the door of my studio in his three piece designer suit was the day I realized exactly how jealous I was of his success. And of how horrible it was to feel that jealousy loud and clear as it resonated through my core. He looked… so well put together. Crisp, handsome, and like the world had done nothing but pat him on the back.

I suppose the world had done a great deal of good to him; he had never lost a case yet, made more money in a single day than I made in a month, and had free time whenever he felt like it. His clients were very affluent, and for a year or two he was representing the wealthy in divorce cases… Always a lot of money to go around there.

He leaned against the doorway and looked in, as it was late summer and I always had the doors open unless it was too cold. I remember him telling me he was building a house about a half an hour’s walk away, and that he would like to build me a nicer studio…

It hurt, and I made sure he felt the pain through our twin bond.

A spasm crossed his face as his hand rested over his heart.


“I don’t want a damn studio. Get out of my space and go build your stupid house!” I screamed it at him, throwing an empty garbage can in his direction just as soon as I could reach it.

He caught it, set it down, and nodded. The pain he felt cut my own heart all the more.

I knew he wasn't meaning to be mean, possessive, or even remotely a braggart. He wasn't tossing his money in the air to be a dick… He legitimately wanted to make me a nicer studio for my work.

I cried and closed the four doors of my studio, my home.

I did not have anywhere else to call home, I was too proud to do that. I could not possibly go home to my King and tell him of my failure in the wide world. Not after all the fighting he’d done to make sure I COULD get an education and a job. In the far corner from my desk was my foldaway bed, on the opposite wall I had a camp stove and sink. My dishes were from the local thrift store, so was most of my clothing that I’d had to alter in order to fit my very unique body type.

I’d hidden away from everyone that I lived in four baby barns that I had pieced together. Cefiro honestly believed that I had a home not too far from the studio, and I took great pains to keep him believing that.

How could I tell my successful, millionaire brother that I lived hoping I wouldn't be accused of squatting on land I did not own?

My pride wouldn't let me. We were too far apart in every aspect for me to just come out and tell him. I did not think there would ever be a way to come clean and admit failure, but Mother Nature has a funny way of doing just that.

One afternoon I was out with a client, taking photographs of her house with the purpose of renovations in mind when a siren blared.

A tornado siren.

You would think that my being and Elemental, I would have noticed the creation of the super cell, funnel cloud, and the drastic change in the air pressure sooner…

All I could think of was the fact the tornado was headed in the direction of my little home.

As soon as the tornado was gone…it was clear to see that a good portion of the neighborhood around my home in the woods was gone… Trees were everywhere, wood splinters, cars, glass shards, you name it, it was scattered everywhere. The small clearing where my tiny home had been was nothing but a pile of splintered rubble with trees thrown about willy-nilly.

I cried.

Cefiro was over in less than an hour, intent on seeing if we could salvage my studio… He wanted to help me fill out the paper work for the insurance company so that I could get a fresh start right away.

“Anna… you do have insurance on your business, right?” Black brows were furrowed over dragon green eyes.

“Insurance is overrated.” I mumbled, rubbing my face as I found a sweater buried under some wood that used to be a side wall.

His brows knit into a solid line as I continued to rummage through the rubble, trying to find anything that was mine that I could possibly save… I found my favorite pillow, hugging it to me despite the dust.

“We should go to your home and see the damage there, Anna. It’s important to get stuff like this looked after. We can dig through this later, okay?” His hand lightly rested on my shoulder.

I laughed a short, hard laugh.

“Anna?” He stiffened immediately.

“This was my home Ro. Not everybody makes enough money to buy or build their own. Now if you’ll please excuse me, I have to see if I can salvage anything else besides a sweater and my pillow. Thanks.” I rubbed my face and set to sifting through the remains. “You should go home and go call up one of your girls. She’ll take your mind off this crap. You’ll forget about everything outside your own pleasure.”

I could not bear to look at him and see the pity and shame written on his face. I could feel it welling up in his heart, anguish that he had never seen through the wall I carefully constructed to hide away my tiny, unhappy world.

Now he knew everything.

And there was nothing I could do about it.


“Don’t say it. I don’t want to hear it.” Tears were running down my face as I made a pile of things that I could keep.

“Here…let me help.” Tears were slowly running down his cheeks, I could feel his sadness as he sorted through the remains of my broken home, pride, and workplace.

There was nothing I could do about it.

“When we are done, you are coming to stay with me. I won’t hear any arguments. You can’t stay here.” His tone was soft, not at all what I expected.

“I don’t want to leave here…” I whispered.

We worked in silence for a few hours, I truly did not have much left that wasn't battered, torn, or otherwise broken beyond repair. I’d not had much to begin with, honestly. Miraculously my external hard drive and my little jump drives had survived, although my laptop was a foregone conclusion. I gathered my few things into a salvaged bed sheet like the hobo I was, and carried my things in the direction of Ro's truck.

All I could think of as we drove to his home was how much I just should have accepted the glass of sugary pop my client offered me. My allergy would have kicked in immediately, and I would have died long before knowing the tornado was going to rip what little success I had away into nothing.

Seeing Ro's very, very nice home with a well-manicured lawn and garden…

I should have taken that glass of pop.

It would have been a softer feeling, bleeding internally while my organs ruptured, than the jealousy that ripped me in half.
Nothing I Can Do About It
Anna and Cefiro Grave are Elemental twin Giants. While Ro has been extremely successful in pretty much every way a person can imagine... Anna is a lot more shy, reserved, and unaccustomed to being forceful to get what she wants. She lives equally divided by love and jealousy for her brother, often wondering what could have been if she'd just been "more like him"...

All chars belong to me, Shadowknife7.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Courted 6

“Lady Amelia, my final request would be to see you smile.”

My heart almost stopped as the words registered. All I could manage at that moment was a small nod as I blushed from head to toe a brilliant scarlet. A soft tug on my hand gently brought me from his study out into the corridor, Keiko humming softly as she led me back to my chambers. By the time we had arrived there, I was more exhausted than I thought possible, and completely bewildered as to how I would ever find my way out of my bed chamber to anywhere else in the massive palace.

“Is lot to take in, da. Big, big palace, so many doors. Many gardens, lots of books, music room, many other things too, da. You learn soon. Took me long time.”

I nodded a little bit to her words. Keiko was already flitting about the room, tidying things that really didn't need straightening. Watching her, I was starting to see that she wasn't quite as relaxed as she verbally projected.

And that made me more nervous than I already was.

“Keiko? What is troubling you?”

“You worry much, da. Prince not bad as some say. Was good babe, raised to be good man. I worry because Council already have watchers out. They report back. I hear them while Prince talks to you, da. They think they sneak, no. Can hear them plain as day.” Keiko turned to look to me. “Breathe, da. You safe, they just look for Prince to fulfill the agreement. I watch over you, and others protect you. You see, da.” Her warm smile lit up once more. She played a little bit with the floral arrangement before coming to sit across with me. “You have question?”

I blushed a bit as I nodded. “I will be having dinner with him tonight?”


“Will I be retiring to his bed chamber for the night?” It was a difficult question to ask.

“Da, but is not just for… you know. Prince want to know you. In bed chamber, can talk and nobody there listening to report to Council. No one dare, or Prince punish them severely. Grounds for conspiracy to remove monarch charges…” She gave me a quirky smile.

“Oh…wow.” I blinked a bit. I really hadn’t thought of it that way.

“May ask question?”

“Yes, of course.”

“You virgin?”

I blushed brilliantly and got a bright laugh in response to my non-verbal answer.

“Oh! I see! Then maybe you have question, da? Male anatomy is different, da.” She gave me another smile, this one more understanding.

“Um… I know it is different…and I understand the very basic mechanics of what will happen… um… Father is a doctor… But…”

“You worry you no please him?”

She hit the nail right on the head there… I nodded, totally and completely embarrassed already.

“I tell you secret okay.” She crept closer until she was almost nose to nose with me. “Many a man like woman that no have the sex before. Is very, very special gift for woman to give man her first time. Sometimes first time very, very painful, maybe bleed little bit, but if male knows what is doing, can get over pain and be very good. Another secret? Giant male is very tender lover. Considers what woman need and want, not just pleases self, da.”

I swallowed hard as I listened to her words.  It was hard to believe that he would think of me at all in the midst of… Well, me doing my job to him. In the class I was raised in, it was ingrained that women pleased men and were to spread their legs and let the man do as he pleased whenever he felt the urge to, as often as he wanted it. To think that a man would take time to make it enjoyable for the woman…it was a hard pill to swallow and challenged the social norms of what I was raised in.

“Broke brain?”

“A little bit…” I managed to squeak out.

“You rest now. Maybe nap, then up and ready for dinner and conversation.”

She smiled, shooing me towards the bed like a mother hen. It was relieving to some degree, having this woman that understood the situation from both sides more or less. Somebody that could take charge and know how to guide me through most things in a world I truly had very little understanding about.
Courted Six
VERY short chapter, mostly consisting of dialogue. But rest assured it is simply building blocks for the next chapter. Which I hope is much longer.

All chars belong to me, Shadowknife7 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
Keep It Secret

“Hush now, you mustn't tell your Father about any of this. This will be our secret, my Sylph.”

“Yes Mother.” I whispered softly, afraid that a passing elf might hear us from afar.

Father was gone away to work on the Dragon God’s temple over the mountains and across the far waters, many skilled Tree Elves having volunteered to rebuild his temple despite the long distance from home. Although Father was not with us…it still was not safe for me to wander the forest near the other Tree Elves.

They hated me.

My four year old mind did not understand exactly why; I only assumed it was because of my filthy skin and the color of my hair and eyes that set me apart. Mother loved me though… in her secret heart. She never beat me, although she no longer defended me when Father would beat me and let others beat me too if they stumbled over my form somewhere. Mother kept her heart and love locked away in a secret place deep within her fragile soul, unable to give it to me openly as I so wanted.

But this… this was something that we had to keep secret even more so than her love for me.
Mother would surely be punished with death for doing this…


Mother walked for a very long time with me through unfamiliar trees, and I began to fear that perhaps she was going to leave me here… I did not understand the growth patterns of the moss, the soaring trees so far above our heads with their deep silver bark, nearly the same color as my skin. Although Mother had not covered my eyes, I was hopelessly lost for the direction of home. Still for another hour she walked, the sky bright between the emerald leaves. It was close to midday now and we had set out well before dawn, Mother carrying me for much of the journey. I felt I was a burden…

“We are nearly there now Sylph. Only a few minutes more and we will be on the Grounds.”

My pointed ears perked up as I listened to her. The trees had been growing seemingly bigger and bigger the further we went, the bark a startling shade of silver and some that were… a shade of yellow that I had no name for. Mother later told me they were the color of pure gold.

All at once it seemed we had crossed a barrier, and for the first time I felt as though I was safe and could breathe as much and as loudly as I wanted to. I looked around the gigantic clearing we had entered; the trees soaring so far above our heads that it seemed they touched the clouds themselves. I could see now that the leaves were bi-colored, emerald on one side and pure silver like their bark on the other, others being that brilliant gold and emerald. In the center there lay a huge home, looking so much more welcoming and opulent than the round little hut that Mother and I lived in with Father… It was clear to see that the entire area was deserted, but it did not feel eerie or haunted in any way.

It was peaceful, like the owner had simply stepped out for a long walk to the home of a friend in a faraway place.

Mother wasted no time in going to the enormous home, easily walking up the smooth wooden steps with me still in her arms. She did not knock, she did not so much as remove her shoes upon entering the place, humming softly as she walked with me straight down a long hall and off into a side door that led to a private stair case. Up two sets of stairs until we came out of another door, this one leading into a gigantic chamber that had two doors off of the opposite wall, a grand fire place, and plush woven rugs on the silver wood floor. At the far end of the room there was an enormous bed. Clearly it was the biggest I had ever seen, the frame richly carved into appearing as wooden leaves. The bedding was neatly made up, not even dust upon the surface.


“Yes Sylph?”

“Whose home are we in?” My mother smiled.

“This is the house and land of Atiri Skyblade, the Wind God and a Silvertree Elf.”

My eyes nearly popped out from my head. “Will he not be angry with us for entering his home?” I whispered, startled more at the soft laugh my mother let out.

“Oh no, dear Sylph. Atiri is a very kind deity, and he would not smite us for trespassing. I used to live here, a handmaiden in his household. His home is always open to those that have served him, and I was fortunate to gain his favor in my service.” She smiled softly to me. “And you are my child, you are welcome in his house too.”

That notion warmed me inside…

I was welcome here.

Not yelled at, not beaten, not unworthy.



Several months Mother and I lived inside the grand home of Atiri Skyblade. The seasons slowly changed and a chill was in the air, the first frost decorating the Silvertrees and Goldtrees. Our days were spent in comfort and peace, Mother teaching me to play the harp over the long hours of quiet afternoons and evenings. Mother taught me endlessly about the forest, tree-singing, cooking, and many other joyful things. Every day we would keep an eye out for a cyclone, Mother hoping that Atiri would come home and meet us here. I had become excited in my heart to meet the owner of this wonderful house. I understood that we were not going to return to Father and the Tree Elves at all…

I had become happy.

I hoped that it would never end…


Winter’s first cold breath saw the end of my happiness.

It had taken Father longer than he was pleased to search, but he had found Mother…

My harp was broken, Mother was beaten mercilessly until I could not see her swollen green eyes through the bruising, her right hand broken before he dragged her by her clothes away from the edge of the Grounds.

It was my fault… He told me so.

I had made him beat Mother for coming here…

I cried silently as I was dragged by my hair through the snow, my legs unable to stand due to the belting they’d received for my trespasses. Off in the distance, I saw a cyclone descending in the direction of the Ground.

Atiri was an hour too late, my chance of meeting the kind deity was gone.
Keep It Secret
Warning: Child and spousal abuse!

Sylph did not have a happy childhood... but for a few months she lived in what she felt was paradise in peace with her mother. Her mother grew up as a handmaiden in Atiri's household, but she was taken from it by her husband years later... But that is another story to tell some day. ;)

All characters belong to me, Shadowknife7.


Anna Cefiro
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I'm about to drop several F-bombs in the text below. Read at your own damn risk.

There are some things that just stick in your head that are so firmly rooted in there that it's damn near impossible to think around them and move on with your life.

Tomorrow two people are officially being promoted into being supervisors at work. I have stated my opinion on this in previous journals... and it's not changing. Not now, probably not ever.

I am not jealous of them... I'm angry.

Very angry.

Very, very, very angry.


And that is a large problem for me. 

I feel unappreciated in every possible way, overlooked, betrayed, and absolutely fucking ANGRY that this is happening. I feel like taking my uniforms and burning them publicly. I feel like quitting my fucking job because I can't stand the fact that I have worked my ass off for this company only to be PROMISED promotion and have it taken away from me FOR NO REASON AT ALL, and given to two others that do not understand the meaning of "hard work".

They told me, and I QUOTE, "Just keep up the level of work you are doing, we'll get you cross-trained in a couple of months, and then as soon as we post the positions, we want you to apply because we want to promote you". 


I have NOT slacked off my level of work. I have not reduced the quality of my work. I have come in sick as a fucking dog, worked through pain and literally numbness from my back and neck, worked through other injuries, dealt with bullying, laziness, and every fucking kind of idiotic gossiping BULLSHIT you can imagine. I have consistently done nothing but IMPROVE my speed and skills.



I really don't know how to move beyond this. I don't know how I can go in every damn day and pretend like I'm not so angry I want to fucking blow the goddamn place up. (No, I wouldn't actually blow it up, but you get my point. I don't believe in destroying another person's property, no matter how angry they make me. That's just wrong.)

I am waiting to hear back from two places about potential jobs, so that is a small bright spark.

But in the mean time... I don't know how the fuck to get through this. 

I am just so fucking angry.

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